Outdoor Security Blinds

With weather as beautiful as it is in Queensland, it’s understandable why so many Australians choose to entertain outdoors. There’s also been a shift in focus in the division of indoor and outdoor spaces, as more and more homeowners are choosing to streamline the two. This involves creating an outdoor area that incorporates elements of the home, such as colours or similar wooden flooring, or using outdoor security blinds and shutters to create an al fresco style space.

At UBlinds, offer a range of outdoor security blinds to help you create a seamless indoor to outdoor look. Our high-quality outdoor coverings can instantly transform an outdoor space and offer numerous practical benefits to your home. Whether you’ve got a pergola, patio, courtyard or balcony, we have outdoor security blinds to suit any style or space.

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Benefits of outdoor security blinds

Home security

Outdoor security blinds act as both a physical and visual deterrent to burglars, as it adds another layer of difficulty. Considering burglars look for opportunity and ease of access, a home with outdoor security blinds will be too much of a hassle for an attempted break in. Have peace of mind knowing your home is securely locked and protected from the outside world when you choose home security blinds.

If you’re looking for additional protection, why not add some security doors to your home? Our security doors are a cost efficient and innovative screening solution that effectively protects your home from potential break ins.

Protection from the elements

Outdoor security blinds are a great way to protect your outdoor area from elements such as harsh sunlight or heavy rain. This is especially good if you have a lot of outdoor furniture, as you won’t have to worry about it getting wet or fading from the sun’s rays. Entertain outdoors with ease in any weather rain, hail, or shine, when you incorporate outdoor security blinds into your home design.


If you’ve got close neighbours, outdoor security blinds give you an unrivalled amount of privacy that no other window covering can offer. With a simple turn of a handle, you can entertain with ease knowing your outdoor area is private, safe, and sheltered from prying eyes.

Keep away pests

Any Queenslander will tell you that the number one biggest concern for outdoor entertaining is the presence of pesky flies and mosquitoes. Rather than continuously buying mosquito coils or bug spray, consider investing in outdoor security blinds to stop bugs in their tracks.

Energy efficient

You can reduce your energy bill by up to 50% by incorporating outdoor security blinds into your home. Blinds can help conserve heat by blocking out the cold or keep your home feeling cool by retaining and circulating cold air.

Add value to your home

You may have heard that a timber deck or refreshed kitchen adds value to your home, but did you know home security blinds do too? With the combined benefits of security, privacy, energy efficiency and weather protection, installing home security blinds not only makes your home look better but adds value to it too. Home security blinds give you the opportunity to showcase a desirable outdoor lifestyle that will not doubt attract prospective buyers.

You can view our range of outdoor security blinds online or call us on 1300 303 391 if you have any questions about out security blinds or SecureForce security doors. Simply fill out our online form for a free measure and quote or check out your nearest showroom to see what we offer in store. We stand by our competitive pricing and will beat any written by 10% for any comparable product. For outdoor security blinds and doors that suit any style of home, contact U Blinds today.

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