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Blind Trends 2023 – What to Look For

There’s no doubt that blinds, in many cases, are a more functional alternative to curtains. With that being said, they can still be a very stylish addition to your space and there are many different styles, colours, and patterns to fit every interior style. At U Blinds Australia we offer a varied range of blinds and shutters to fit your functional and aesthetic needs, with prices that won’t break the budget. We’ve done some digging and put together an article on the blind trends 2023 will bring, with some advice on how you can incorporate these new trends into your own space and style.

Current & Foreseen Blind Trends 2023

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are a timeless classic that’s continuing to trend. They serve the useful purpose of blocking out harmful UV rays while still letting in plenty of natural light to brighten up your room. These are highly popular because of Australia’s sunny weather and offer versatile adaptability for the different seasons. Homeowners that are looking for a simple, classic style of blinds choose to use sunscreen blinds, as they work well with minimal styles as well as Hampton styles. It seems that sunscreen blinds aren’t going to go out of fashion any time soon which is why we’ve chosen to include them in the blind trends has shown so far. These blinds are a timeless option for anyone who favours functionality, adaptability, and style.


Many people are slowly becoming more conscious of sustainability and how they impact the environment. It’s because of this that we’ve seen a shift towards people seeking out sustainable materials and sustainably made interior fixtures. For the blind trends 2023 is bringing, this means natural linens and cotton, nothing synthetic, and these materials typically won’t put a strain on the environment during their production. This is why Roman blinds are becoming particularly popular. Their natural-looking texture also works well with current trends that are turning back to basics with linen furniture and bedding and timber furniture. Sustainability can also be achieved through energy-efficiency blinds that work to reduce the need for energy use to heat or cool your home. Roman blinds are thick and have few gaps, allowing them to successfully trap cool or hot air depending on the season.

Office Trends

Some blind trends we’re seeing for office spaces are venetian-style blinds, that can easily block out large amounts of light to help with screen or TV visibility. As more and more people begin working from home, the need for functional office blinds is becoming more important. Venetian blinds, which typically come in timber or PVC materials, can block out large qualities of light with their solid material. You also have the option of adjusting the light levels to allow for more natural light to get through or pulling the blinds up altogether for a brighter space. PVC material works well in rooms with exposure to water and humidity like bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens, and is durable enough to withstand rot.


Finally, we’re seeing a growing trend in people opting for functionality over aesthetics, and this no doubt stems from the minimalist interior style. Our durable, custom roller blinds are highly functional for your outdoor or indoor spaces, while still providing a high level of modern and effortless style. This style of blinds is trending for outdoor settings, as you have the option to choose a custom colour that will pair well with your garden or home exterior depending on your preference.

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