Interior photo of a palm tree inside a Bali Villa | Featured image for the Balinese Interior Design Blog by U Blinds Australia.

Balinese Interior Design Ideas

As the name implies, Balinese interior design originates from Bali, Indonesia. Inspired by the handcrafted furniture one might find over there, the design includes the use of bamboo or teak in chairs, tables, and the like. The style also features Indonesian artwork, textured rugs, and plants to help liven up the environment. Balinese design has been around for decades but has continued to evolve with the times and remains a popular design choice in Australia.

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What is Balinese Interior Design?

When people think of Bali, they think of nice, open buildings surrounded by plenty of lush greenery. Thus, the Balinese style is all about incorporating nature into your landscape, either through incorporating plants or materials such as bamboo. The modern Balinese interior design is all about gifting people peace of mind and helping them relax, turning your home into your own personal oasis. While we would all like to be relaxing on a Bali beach right now staring out into the ocean, incorporating these design elements into your home can be the next best thing.

How to Bring the Balinese Style to Your Home

Timber Shutters

One of the core pillars of Balinese interior design is the use of wood to create a natural look that makes a room easy to relax in. At U Blinds Australia we have a range of shutters available, but our timber shutters are perfect for creating the Balinese look. Made from timber that is only sourced from Government Approved Forests, you can rest easy knowing that your peaceful, natural look is environmentally responsible. With a variety of colours available, you can find the perfect timber shutters to compliment your home’s style that will have you feeling like you’re on a beach in Bali.

PVC Shutters

Our PVC plantation shutters will invite serenity into your home, so every day can feel like you are on holiday in Bali. Featuring crisp lines and clean colours, and with over 15 frame styles available, find the right shutters for you to create the perfect modern Balinese interior design look inside your home. Place these shutters inside a room decorated with tropical plants and you will have your own personal slice of Bali.

Shangri La Blinds

Named after paradise, Shangri La blinds are a gateway to your own personal slice of heaven. These indoor blinds add a touch of paradise to any space and go especially well with handcrafted wooden furniture. They are perfectly placed in bedrooms, allowing you to feel like you are waking up in Bali each morning. Our Shangri La blinds come in a variety of fabrics and translucent options allowing you to create the modern Balinese interior design of your dreams.

PVC Venetian Blinds

If you are seeking the timber look without the use of actual wood, our PVC Venetian blinds are a great alternative that look just as stylish as any timber blinds. Designed to last longer than natural timber, these PVC blinds will stay looking great so you can design the rest of your paradise around them. If you have a lush garden outside, our PVC Venetian blinds will allow you to peak outside and admire your own Bali-like homestead.

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