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Blinds for Summer to Keep Your Home Cool

With summer still fresh in your mind, now is a great time to start planning how you’re going to combat the heat and sun again, come December, by updating your home with the right curtains and blinds for summer. The Aussie sun can get pretty intense during the warmer months so installing the correct curtains or blinds can have a huge effect on the temperature of your house and the way it stores cool air and expels heat. In addition to this, as the days get hotter, we see more and more people out and about, which means that the need for effective privacy can be important.


The Perfect Blinds for Summer

Sunscreen Blinds

Simple sunscreen blinds can be a great way to block out the sun while still letting in a good amount of natural light. Some easy examples of this include roller blinds and roman blinds, which are often made from a durable but soft-textured material. Sometimes you may even be given the option to add a layer of ‘sunscreen fabric’ to help combat those strong UV rays. Even without the protective sunscreen layer, roller blinds and similar styles are created for filtering the light and creating a softer, natural brightness. At U Blinds Australia we offer a wide range of sunscreen blinds and other interior blinds options that will make a great solution when it comes to finding the right blinds for summer.


Sheer Curtains for Privacy

As we mentioned earlier, privacy can be a bit more difficult to maintain in the warmer months as you’ll find that there are more people out and about and more people are often choosing to leave their doors and windows open to escape the heat. This means that it’s important to have a high-quality form of privacy should you want it. Our sheer, light-filtering curtains for summer are great for creating more privacy, as they still allow you a partial view of what’s going on outside while blurring the inside of your space for anyone looking in. Much like sunscreen blinds sheer curtains can also filter harmful UV rays and allow for natural light to still flow in. We have a wide selection of sheer curtains and blinds in many colours and textures, alongside the option to layer sheer curtains with other, heavier fabrics for versatility.


Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are effective at blocking out as much light as possible, for those days when you feel like lazing around inside watching TV, or as a defence from the early-morning summer sun. Heavier blackout materials are also great for keeping out heat and trapping cooler air inside. Typical black-out curtains come with a reputation for being dark and bulky in some spaces. Rest assured knowing that we offer custom curtains for summer that can be engineered and bespoke to your exact needs and style.


Venetian Blinds

Choosing Venetian blinds for summer also offer a lot of adaptability, much like layering several different styles of the curtain. With Venetian blinds, you have the option to change the light level in your space and the direction that the light reflects. On top of this, you can even choose to have the blinds drawn up completely if you’re looking to fill a room with natural sunlight at a particular time of day. We offer both timber venetian blinds and aluminium. We recommend that Venetian blinds be installed in softer more comfortable rooms like the lounge or bedroom, to match the textures. While aluminium venetian blinds should be installed in rooms that are exposed to water or humidity, like your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen.


Find Your Perfect Blinds & Curtains for Summer Today!

Here we’ve offered a couple of different options to consider when choosing blinds and curtains for summer. If you’re interested in learning more or you’d like to look at your options in person, U Blinds Australia offers several showrooms. If you’re interested in updating your home for summer, reach out to our team for a free measure and quote or call 1300 303 391 to arrange an appointment any of our showrooms.

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