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The Curious History of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are some of the most popular window coverings available today, with countless homes worldwide making the most of their signature style to complement their interiors. Venetian blinds are also invaluable thanks to their ability to allow users to regulate the amount of light and heat they want in their home, resulting in a decoration that is also practical. But what is the history of Venetian blinds, and how did these handy tools make their way to you?

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Where Did Venetian Blinds Come From?

Venetian blinds came from Venice, right? Wrong. While the origin of Venetian blinds is still debated by some, most agree that their beginnings stretch back to Persia, and possibly even Ancient Egypt. It is believed the first incarnation of Venetian blinds were made from reeds to block out the sun while people rested indoors. Of course, like any great invention, the perks of Venetian blinds spread, and they were traded for other goods to travellers, spreading their use across the land. Each country and culture then put their own spin on the basic design.

Venetian Blinds in the West

The history of Venetian blinds in the west, specifically Italy, is speculated to have begun when Italians traded with Persian merchants and gained the blinds in return. This likely occurred in the 18th century, where trade and migration between Italy and the rest of the world greatly expanded. Italy then played a big part in showcasing these blinds to the rest of the world, hence the common misconception that Venetian blinds started in Venice. After Italy, Venetian blinds next made their way to France, England, and America, seeing a big spike in their usage worldwide as a result.

Seen as the latest trend to show off for wealthy families, Venetian blinds were coveted for their ability to control light in the home and office. Venetian blinds were not exclusively for the rich, however, as even back then they were affordable to all members of society, no matter their financial status. Like any popular invention, the origin of Venetian blinds shows that they were regularly redesigned by the different people that sold them, often resulting in each country having their own unique take on the original design.

The Style of Venetian Blinds

When looking at the history of Venetian blinds, it reveals that the original design of the coverings featured large, flat slats. This is in contrast to today, where we able to purchase alternatives such as PVC Venetians and aluminium Venetians. After being introduced to the West in the 18th century, Venetian blinds with natural finishes gave way to blinds of white or stone colouring, which were favoured by the upper class.

Aluminium Venetian blinds were first created in New York in 1936, where they quickly became popular. As they were introduced to the rest of the world, the slats became thinner and thinner, until they resembled the blinds we use today. The 1960s saw many homes and offices adopt plastic slats for their blinds, while the 21st century has seen wooden blinds come back in fashion as a vintage design choice that harkens back to the origin of Venetian blinds.

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