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History of Curtains – A Look Back

Curtains are an invaluable part of our lives, allowing us privacy while also letting us control the amount of natural light that comes into our homes. Without them we would run the risk of having prying eyes peeking into our everyday lives and the sun constantly casting its glare across our TV screens. But what is the history of curtains, and where exactly did they come from?

While it is easy for us to purchase curtains today at a local specialist store, in the past people would have to make their own curtains, often with whatever materials were on hand. We have come a long way from this essential decoration’s beginning, and this blog post is going to trace the history of curtains from its origins up to now, while also looking at who invented curtains.

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Who Invented Curtains?

While curtains were used in most civilisations throughout history, the records show that the Ancient Egyptians are the ones credited with inventing curtains. From as far back as 3000 B.C. Egyptians used animal hides hung from hooks to provide them with warmth and privacy. Eventually they would move on from animal hides, with linen, wool, silk, and other such materials being used instead. This change in material offered more flexibility in the curtain’s design while still offering the same level of warmth.

What is the History of Curtains After Ancient Egypt?

Along with Egypt, evidence of curtains was found in Ancient Greece. Rather than being used to cover windows, it is believed these curtains were used to divide rooms and give each other privacy within their own homes. This was discovered in the ruins of the Olynthus civilisation, which existed in the 6th and 7th centuries B.C.

While there is little evidence that shows curtains were used during the Middle Ages, it can be assumed that the high-born people used fabrics to protect their castles from the cold winds that howled outside.

The Renaissance Era

The next big development in the history of curtains came during the Renaissance Era, when glass panes began to be used to make windows. While these glass windows were a fashionable design, they also opened homes to peeping toms, so curtains were created from the finest fabrics to give their owners back their privacy. While this use of curtains seems to resemble how they are used today, the curtains during the Renaissance Era were far more elegantly designed.

As countries such as Persia and India became famous for their weaving skills, they became a sought-after supplier of luxury curtains during the 18th and 19th centuries. They expanded their products all over the world and their craftsmanship is still sought after today by some curtain enthusiasts.

Modern Age Curtains

As technology and machinery brought us into the modern age, the mass production of curtains became more commonplace. This rise in advancement now allows curtains of almost any design and style to be created, perfectly sized to hang in any environment. While the material and method of their creation has changed throughout the centuries, humans still hang curtains around their home just like they used to in the ancient past.

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