Cost-Effective Renovations to Increase Home Value

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you obviously want to improve it as much as possible to increase its value. But with renovations, it’s all too easy to sink thousands of dollars into upgrades without seeing a return come sale time. To help you spend your money wisely, we’ve compiled our favourite cheap renovations to increase home value that won’t break the bank.

Cheap renovations to increase home value #1: Refresh kitchen

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your kitchen but don’t want to opt for a complete redo, a simple cosmetic makeover can refresh a space without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out for affordable accessories such as appliances and lighting and make changes like replacing the countertops and swapping out the backsplash. Or updating fixtures and fittings and new paint work can make a world of difference.

Cheap renovations to increase home value #2: Upgrade bathroom

Having an old, out of date bathroom can be depressing and make your home harder to sell. If you want a new style without paying for a whole renovation and spending days, or even weeks, without a bath, simple cosmetic work can really uplift a tired bathroom. This might involve upgrading benchtops, upgrading to moisture resistant window treatments such as aluminum plantation shutters, putting new tiles in, or swapping the toilet or bathtub for a new model.

Cheap renovations to increase home value #3: New flooring

While a full renovation might not be on the cards, cost-effective options such as new laminate flooring or new hybrid flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. If you can extend your budget, hardwood flooring not only increases the value of your home but is enticing to prospective buyers too.

Cheap renovations that add value #4: Install plantation shutters

When it comes to cost-effective renovations to increase home value, installing plantation shutters is one of the most affordable ways. As shutters are considered a permanent fixture, prospective buyers find them a desirable trait – not to mention how good they look. Plantation shutters also help with energy efficiency and insulation, helping to improve the liveability of a home.


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Cheap renovations that add value #5: Outdoor entertainment area

Revamping your outside area can be a terrific way to expand your home’s overall liveability. Whether you want to eat dinner outside, have friends over for drinks, or just sit back and enjoy the fresh air, your yard will become the social hub of your home. Creating an outdoor entertainment area, such as installing a deck, enclosing a patio with outdoor awnings or a zip screen, or even adding an outdoor kitchen, can increase the value of your home and make a huge selling point.

Cheap renovations that add value #6: Upgrade lighting

No home improvement project will have a more significant impact on the quality of your life than adding lighting to your home. The careful placement of simple light fixtures can instantly upgrade your space. Bright, even, inviting light in the rooms you use most often will make your home more comfortable, cosy, and user-friendly. When designing with lighting in mind, consider both form and function when choosing lighting fixtures for different rooms in your home.

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