Curtains vs Blinds: Which One Is Better

If you’re thinking about choosing new window treatments for your home, you may be wondering what kind is best. And though personal preference should always be considered, some window treatments are better suited to certain rooms and conditions – such as high moisture environments or bedrooms with small children. In today’s blog, we look at curtains vs blinds and which rooms suit them best.

Curtains v Blinds

Curtains benefits

Curtains can help achieve a neat and stylish look, adding a more elegant touch to a room. Window curtains come in a vast range of colours and styles, with some fabrics offering a more solid appearance while others are sheer to let the fabric drape beautifully. There is also a large variety of curtain styles from which you can choose from, including decorative or plain-coloured curtains, sheers for letting light through but preventing people from seeing in, and insulating fabrics to help keep heat in during the warmer months.

Blinds benefits

Indoor blinds are a fantastic option for homes that want a more minimalist look, as the simple design blends seamlessly with any style of décor. Plenty of design options are available, including roman, roller, Venetian, vertical and panel glide. If you want a window treatment that can be automated, blinds can be easily attached to a smart device you control from your home.


Blinds vs curtain: Window treatments by each room

Living rooms

When it comes to window blinds vs curtains for living rooms, the style of décor plays a significant role. However, curtains tend to be better suited to living areas, as they provide a more homely, relaxed vibe. Sheer curtains can be paired with blockout drapes for the best of both worlds, allowing you to snuggle up and watch a movie without those pesky specks of light. However, vertical blinds are also a popular choice, especially if you have a screen door exiting outside.


A well-made kitchen should be more than just functional. It should also be inviting and beautiful. The look of vertical blinds in the kitchen is classic, but modern style can be achieved with various choices for colours, fabrics, and configurations. The benefits of choosing blinds over curtains is all to do with maintenance, as blinds can be easily cleaned if splashes occur. Blinds are also less in the way, which is essential when you’re navigating a high traffic area. We also highly recommend PVC or aluminium shutters for areas such as above the sink basin.


With curtains vs blinds, both can be utilised for a good night’s sleep. Blockout curtains are designed to darken rooms completely and are made from coloured, thermal-backed material that blocks light. This prevents disruption in sleep patterns as you won’t be exposed to bright, early morning or late afternoon rays. You can also choose blockout roman blinds, which give the same effect but use a simple roll down mechanism.


With curtains vs blinds for bathrooms, blinds are undoubtedly the best option. This is because blinds can provide complete blockout without getting in the way. Modern blinds are available in UV and water-resistant material, as well as faring well with humidity. These types of blinds and PVC and aluminium shutters are the best window treatments for heavy moisture areas.


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