Creating the Ultimate Environmentally Friendly House

One of the major benefits of an environmentally friendly home is that they are more energy efficient than traditional properties, and by utilising the available natural or renewable resources, you will be reducing your consumption of non-renewable energy sources that contribute greatly to the emission of greenhouse gases. This doesn’t have to apply to the exterior of your home or the build in general, but it can apply to the interior and design as well.

An environmentally friendly house should carry the theme throughout the décor as well, allowing the home to feel warmer, drier, and more comfortable to live in. Not only that, but it provides a safer and healthier atmosphere for homeowners and families – especially those who reside in hotter climates.

Looking for eco friendly interior design ideas? Browse our blinds awnings and shutters today to find environmentally conscious products to add to your home.  

Interior Ideas for an Environmentally Friendly Home

When it comes to the interior of an environmentally friendly house, curtains, blinds and shutters are typically overlooked, however, they hold significant importance to the overall functionality and look. The last thing you want is to invest in a product that is not only harmful to the environment, but to your family as well, which is why it’s essential that you know what you’re putting your money into.

At U Blinds Australia, our range of products are certified and tested to ensure their safety for use within a home. This is because when certain materials are exposed to direct sunlight, they can emit toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, posing risk to those inside of the home. When ordering through us, you will be able to choose safe and durable products such as:

PVC Shutters

We recommend purchasing polymer shutters from only reputable sellers such as U Blinds Australia, so that you can rest assured knowing your products are safe, energy efficient, and take your health into consideration. Our polymer shutters are made to a high standard and can be exposed to direct sunlight without the risk of emitting harmful toxins. However, there are cheaply made shutters in the industry, which are known to use low quality materials such as formaldehyde. When ordering your shutters, be sure to ask the seller if they can provide a toxic free certification with the product warranty.

Timber Shutters

Whether you’re building or renovating a low budget eco friendly house, or you’re looking at a luxe transformation, shutters are a great addition for privacy, energy efficiency, and colour. Our wooden plantation shutters allow homeowners to control the temperature within their home with ease by simply moving the slats in a relevant tilted direction. Because this helps to regulate temperature, it’s saving money that would otherwise be spent on energy bills. At U blinds Australia, our timber plantation shutters are finished in a UV Resistant High Tensile Coating, meaning exposure to the sun has no effect and emits no toxins.

Cellular Shades

Our cellular shades are the perfect solution for any environmentally friendly home as provide optimal energy efficiency and enhance the look and value of your home. Cellular Shades have been designed to trap air within their cellular structure, resulting in a cooler atmosphere in the summer season, and a warmer atmosphere in the winter season. They also block any noise pollution and are one of the best solutions for privacy. If you need an efficient, insulated and yet advanced solution for your low budget eco friendly home, Cellular shades are for you.

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