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Curtains for Sliding Doors – Our Top 5 Ideas

A small luxury that we’ve come to know as homeowners is the implementation of sliding doors at home. These functional door solutions are a beautiful way to invite the outdoors into your space and connect with nature a little more even from the comfort of your abode. Living in Australia, however, comes with the harsh weather changes to which we need to cater our windows and doors to.  

At U Blinds Australia, we offer custom curtains solutions for Aussies wanting to add character or sophistication to any sliding door in the home – whether it’s to blockout the sun, soften a space, or add a sheer barrier between the outside and the interior. If you’re looking for curtains for sliding doors that aren’t just a standard kind, we’ve got a few ideas for you to consider. Need help with the installation process? We’re here for you!

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5 Stylish Curtain Window Coverings for Sliding Doors


S Fold Curtains

For your sliding doors, S-Fold curtains are a beautiful yet subtle statement, adding a sense of texture to your space. Whether you purchase these specific curtains in a blockout or sheer form, they’re going to elevate the interior of your home perfectly. These S-Fold curtains have the ability to be mounted from a rod, or via the ceiling, effortlessly gliding to-and-fro based on day-to-day preferences.


Sheer Curtains

If you’re someone who enjoys a bit of natural light gently filtering into your home, but you don’t want your glass sliding doors to be completely open and in view, sheer curtains are fantastic curtains for sliding doors. These specific curtains also bring a ‘soft touch’ to any space within your home, complementing not only your furnishings, but the design of your interior. During the day, sheer curtains are a great barrier between your exterior and your interior, blocking enough of the inside of your home from outdoor eyes, but still allowing you to enjoy nature at its finest.


Blockout Curtains

If you’re looking for window coverings for sliding doors, especially those within a cinema room or within bedrooms, blockout curtains work to eliminate any trace of light when required. These curtains are designed with a thicker material, but higher thread counts, ensuring no light can pierce through the fibres. This keeps your spaces dark, completely enhancing your cinema experience and/or assisting with your sleep routines effectively.


Custom Curtains

At U Blinds Australia, we offer a custom curtains service for our customers who have an idea of what they want, and need it executed through quality and cost effectiveness. At the end of the day, your home is your abode, and for the most part, homeowners generally have an idea of what furnishing and complementary design points they want to incorporate. With our customisable service, you can tell us what curtains you want, what shade of colour you want them to be, and any other additions we have on offer to include. This option gives you complete design freedom, allowing you to enhance your home the way you want.


Double Up Curtains

To make a statement, doubling up on curtains is a good idea. Not only does it look opulent and stylish, but it provides you with a few levels of light control based on your lifestyle. This allows you to implement sheer curtains for gentle light filtering, and blockout curtains for maximum light elimination. This is perfect for sliding doors in living areas and main spaces, allowing you to completely shut off the interior of your home from the outside world, or allow the natural light to flow in throughout the day as desired.


Find the Right Curtains for Sliding Doors with U Blinds Australia

Adding new design aspects to a home can be exciting, especially when you have a vision in place. Bring that vision to life with U Blinds Australia and our custom curtains service. Get in touch with our team on 1300 303 391 today to discuss our options or browse our other curtains and blinds categories for more! Want to see our range of products up close or you’re ready to buy? Find your nearest showroom!


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