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How Energy Efficient Window Coverings Can Save You Money

As soon as summer rolls around and the hot days are here to stay, Australians all over the country scramble to their air conditioners for relief from the scorching sun. The same thing happens when summer gives way to winter, with families everywhere sitting within the walls of a heated home to defrost. While these appliances clearly have their convenient uses, they are expensive to operate on a regular basis.

This is where energy efficient window coverings come in, as their unique designs allow them to retain cool and warm temperatures, creating a natural way for you to control the temperature in your home. This in turn allows you to cut costs on your power bill.


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What Are Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

As the name implies, these window coverings are designed to reduce the reliance on energy by providing an alternative option. Most energy efficient window treatments are designed to provide these benefits while still being a stylish addition to your home. About 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost through windows, but energy efficient coverings help retain the heat, reducing your power bills. They retain energy during both summer and winter, meaning they are a reliable solution all year round. Above all else though, these coverings are designed to be visually pleasing, elevating your home’s sense of style.


How Do Energy Efficient Window Coverings Save You Money?

We have all been told before to open a window rather than turning on the air conditioner as a way to save money. Hanging these energy saving coverings around your home is an extension of that philosophy, relying on a cheaper alternative to keep your home warmer or cooler as required. Most energy efficient window treatments are flexible, allowing you to keep them open during winter so the rays of the sun heat your interiors, and closed during summer to reduce heat gain. By cooling and warming your home, these coverings reduce the need for constant appliances, with plenty of Australians leaving their air conditioners on all day during summer and getting a rude shock once their power bill arrives.


Types of Energy Efficient Window Coverings

At U Blinds Australia we stock a range of window coverings that provide energy efficiency. Our Cellular shades are designed with honeycomb cells in the fabric that create energy saving benefits for you. Along with creating a thermal barrier between the room and window, these shades also look great. Sunscreen blinds are another great option for blocking out the sun, as their high-tech fabric keeps the sun’s rays out of your home to keep it cooler. Most energy efficient window treatments are designed to be easily adjustable, with none more so than our PVC Venetian blinds. Designed to recreate the look of timber without the vulnerability or cost, the slats of these blinds can be opened to your liking, allowing the sun to breach through and heat up your home during winter.


Slash Your Energy Costs with U Blinds Australia

Choosing an energy efficient window covering doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, as U Blinds Australia has a range of elegant and functional window treatments available. Find your nearest showroom to browse our blinds, curtains, and shutters in person, or call us on 1300 303 391 to organise our mobile showroom to visit you in the comfort of your own home.


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