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Granny Flat Interior Design Ideas

Whether you are building a new granny flat or are looking to renovate a pre-existing one, there are several ways to reach its full potential. While it is important to select designs that you find visually pleasing, it is also important to consider ways to improve your space’s functionality, such as décor options that increase privacy and lighting for everyday life. The best granny flat interior design ideas in this blog provide all the above benefits while also delivering eye-catching visual style.

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The Best Granny Flat Decorating Ideas

Plantation Shutters

Window shutters are a great way to add style and value to your granny flat, creating visual appeal while also providing a range of benefits. If your interiors are subject to constant, intrusive light, shutters allow you to control the amount of light coming into your space at all times. Shutters block light from your space very effectively, while also providing temperature control to allow you to make your granny flat as cool or warm as you like throughout the seasons.

Open Plan Design

A typical granny flat is a small space, but it does not have to feel restrictive. One of the most effective granny flat interior design ideas is to incorporate open plan design to maximise the area. When first designing your granny flat, consider combining two rooms to create more space. A kitchen/living room combo is an effective way to open up your interiors while creating a space that is perfect for entertaining guests. Having your bathroom and laundry as one room is another way to maximise convenience and open space.


Curtains are a tried-and-true way to enhance a home’s interiors, offering benefits while also providing tremendous visual appeal. Curtains are an easy way to change or increase the style of your granny flat, with custom curtains designed specifically to meet your flat’s desired interior style. As one of the simplest granny flat decorating ideas, curtains can also be paired with a range of decorator rods to match your chosen style.

Sliding Doors

Doors that swing open and closed are an overlooked feature when it comes to taking up space in your interiors. Many granny flat interior design ideas strive to give you as much open space as possible, and installing sliding doors is a great way to achieve this. Glass sliding doors bring natural light into your home while offering a view of your backyard and garden, helping to make the space feel bigger than it is. If you have an outside deck, sliding doors also allow you to open this area up to your interiors, creating a large space for relaxing and hosting visitors.

Blind Motorisation

While blinds are a great way to enhance your interiors, motorised blinds take these window coverings to another level. Installing motorisation features on your blinds means you never have to get off your couch to adjust your blinds ever again. Open, raise, or close your blinds at the press of a button to create the optimal light and temperature for your room. When it comes to granny flat interior design ideas, blind motorisation pairs style with convenience.


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