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Best Blinds for Cabin Homes

There are countless window treatments available on the market, each offering their own benefits and style. Not all these options go with cabin décor, however, as the interiors of a cabin home lend themselves to the woodsy and rustic style we have come to expect. While anyone is free to design their house as they wish, the best blinds for cabin homes provide a fantastic look while greatly enhancing the home’s interiors.

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U Blinds Australia’s Best Blinds for Cabin Homes

Timber Shutters

When one pictures the interior of a cabin, they imagine a design that features plenty of wood, from the walls to the decorations. Timber Shutters provide this wooden look while still supplying plenty of style and class, creating a design that makes the space feel cosy and welcoming. Relax in a comfy chair as you get lost in a good book while glancing at nature through these ethically sourced shutters.

Customised Curtains

Just imagine it: rolling out of bed on a nice, cosy morning and pulling open your Custom Curtains to reveal nothing but nature right outside your window. Curtains are versatile and suited to any home and especially look good inside a cabin. At U Blinds Australia our curtains are customisable to meet your needs, with a range of colours and fabrics available to match your cabin’s style. Different headings and curtain rods are also available to bring your dream design to life.

PVC Venetian Blinds

If you desire the timber look without the maintenance, PVC Venetian Blinds are one of the best blinds for cabin homes. Requiring only a simple wipe from a damp cloth, these blinds are easy to clean and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. PVC venetian blinds have been designed for optimum light control, allowing you to make your cabin as light or as dark as you want it, making them perfect for a bright lunch or a cosy evening by the fire.

Cellular Shades

For those looking for insulation, privacy, and light control, Custom Cellular Shades are the complete package. Their honeycomb like design creates an additional layer of protection between your cabin and the outside world, while the insulation cools your home during summer and heats it throughout winter. Cellular Shades come in a variety of fabrics, each creating a different level of light control and privacy to match the exact design you are after.

Roman Blinds

With a range of styles and design options available, Roman Blinds seamlessly create either a casual or formal look based on how you wish to present your cabin. If your property resides in a space that constantly feels the sun’s rays, sunscreen Roman Blinds are created to block over 90% of light from entering a room. Their blockout design also makes them great for privacy, making them one of the best blinds for cabin homes that are surrounded by other properties. Roman blinds can also be paired with curtains, creating the best of both worlds while resulting in a tasteful design that complements your interiors.


Design the Cabin of Your Dreams Today

Whether you are seeking indoor blinds or custom curtains to decorate your home, U Blinds Australia has a range of styles available. With the ability to choose your own colours and fabrics, our products are created to meet your needs, resulting in a design that feels uniquely yours. To browse our expansive range for yourself, visit your nearest showroom where our friendly staff are also on hand to help you with your designs. If you would like to enquire about our products or services, please reach out on 1300 303 391.

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