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The History of Blinds

Blinds have become mainstays of homes all over the world, universally being used for privacy and protection from the sun and other outside elements. But just where do the origins of these useful decorations lie, and what can the history of blinds tell us about these home essentials and where the popular invention may be heading next as the world shifts to using more advanced technology?

The History of Window Blinds

The history of blinds for windows can be traced back to ancient civilisations, as they used portions of wet cloth to cover the windows of their huts to shield them from the outside world and prying eyes. Thankfully we do not need to undergo the same process of dampening materials today, as there are countless curtains and blinds available to service your home and needs. This early version of blinds was adopted by several distinct civilizations, with each adding their own spin to the original cloth-based design.

Ancient China

Ancient China abandoned cloth altogether to instead use bamboo, as it was much sturdier and made for better shielding against the elements. Egypt employed a similar approach by using reeds, while also deploying a technique that allowed these blinds to be raised and lowered. This marks the first time in the history of blinds that they drew a striking resemblance to what we are accustomed to in modern times, as these reed blinds can still be found today.

Italy & Persia

Blinds were also used heavily in Italy and Persia, with Romans in particular employing them to protect their interiors from the dust that would gather outside. Sticking to the original cloth design, Romans doubled down on it and used a thicker design while creating blinds that could fold back up on itself, separating them from the Venetian style that was gaining popularity in other regions. As more and more travellers around the world discovered the product and its uses, they brought the concept back to their homelands while incorporating their own unique takes on the design.

The Industrial Revolution

The history of window blinds as we know them today began in the Industrial Revolution, where roller blinds became popular. With resources becoming more plentiful and the world opened up to easier trading, more and more blind designs became commonplace as they moved on from just being used for window protection to shift into decorations for one’s home.

The 21st Century

The 21st century saw the rise of remote-controlled blinds, with the basic cord mechanism being abandoned in favour of a design that allows for maximum comfort. Despite existing for centuries, the history of these blinds shows that they adapt to the times, servicing people’s needs no matter the generation. The rise of technology has seen roller blinds created that can be controlled via one’s smart phone, while others react to the temperature and time of day to operate automatically.

While more retro blinds featuring classic materials such as cloth and bamboo still exist, designs featuring wood, vinyl, and even metal have become more commonplace. This is reflected in U Blinds’ vast assortment of indoor blinds that are available for purchase, with designs of all makes and sizes available to suit whatever your home needs. From roman blinds to roller blinds, the history of blinds is represented across U Blinds’ extensive offerings.

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