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The History of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window coverings on the market, being used in homes all over Australia. They are desired for their stylish look, versatile design to suit any space, and their ability to provide insulation. But what is the history of plantation shutters? This common household design has journeyed all the way from Ancient Greece to be in your home today.

Whether it is timber or PVC, plantation shutters complement any home and will have your interiors looking stylish while also protecting your privacy. The history of window shutters reveals they are the best choice for households everywhere, and at U Blinds we have multiple styles available for you.

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Where Did Plantation Shutters Come From?

The history of plantation shutters reveals that they were first invented in 800 B.C. by the Ancient Greeks. In those times materials such as cloth and wood were commonly used to protect homes from the outside elements. These basic curtains were superseded by plantation shutters, which used marble and other stones to create a shutter that could be used to control light and airflow, along with offering privacy and protection.

As their popularity grew in Greece, the design was changed to be made from wood to meet the demands of the market. This change to wood also allowed the design to be more customisable for each customer. Eventually the history of window shutters shows that their popularity grew across Europe, and that they became highly popular in France. As they became popular in Spain, the Spanish brought them to America, where they became highly sought after in the South and which is where they received the name “plantation shutters”.

The Different Styles of Plantation Shutters

The history of plantation shutters reveals that the popular shutters have existed in several different forms across the world, often made from different materials. That is still prevalent today as multiple styles of plantation shutters are available for purchase, from timber to aluminium.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been made from wood ever since they were first invented, and they remain a stylish and reliable design choice. These days the timber is sourced from government approved forests and comes in a variety of colours, meaning you can purchase the perfect timber plantation shutters to complement your home.

PVC Plantation Shutters

A modern take on the classic plantation shutter design, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shutters are created to closely mimic wood without using actual timber. These were created to avoid some of the problems that come from using wood, such as its susceptibility to warping and moisture. They also tend to come with a warranty, such as the 20 years we offer at U Blinds for our PVC plantation shutters.

Aluminium Shutters

When one is seeking low maintenance plantation shutters, aluminium is the best choice. Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, aluminium shutters continue to be used in areas where the elements can be an issue. The included stainless steel component aids in its reinforcement.

Roller Shutters

As society has evolved, we have incorporated more technology into plantation shutters than how they existed in past history of window shutters. One of the biggest changes is the creation of roller shutters, which can open and close at the press of a button. Roller shutters offer the best security as they can cover entire doors and can help in reducing noise and increasing thermal protection.

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