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How to Choose a Security Door for Your Front Entrance

There can be many reasons for a decision to install a security door. Possibly there has been an incident – or a wish to avoid one in the future. Security doors are an investment in protection and safety, but they’ve often been unattractive and very obvious in their purpose. A security door that broadcasts its presence can create a new security hazard by advertising that there must be something inside very much worth protecting.

In the past, these issues kept people from getting the protection they deserved – but no longer. Today’s security doors are updated, stronger and more tamper-proof than ever before, and now they’re styled to blend in with a facade rather than jump out from it. Let’s look at how far they’ve come and consider how to choose a security door.


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The First Step

Before we look at security doors, take a moment to look at what you’re protecting, and from what kind of potential concerns. Intrusion? Fire? Ballistics? Severe weather? What is your primary issue? Your location will also influence what kind of security door would be best. Will it be installed at a home or a business? Will it be opened and closed frequently, or remain closed most of the time? Is weight an important factor? When basic questions are asked, questions about how to choose a security door become easier to answer.

Single Security Door

The simplest form of protection – and today, as easy to live with as an old-fashioned screen door. The traditional and rather unattractive design of vertical bars is no longer required. Your security door can be much nicer now. Advances in metal cutting and fabrication allow for an almost unlimited range of designs, so the door becomes a welcome visual addition to a property as well as providing protection. An attractive look is often very important for installations at a home. However, these custom doors can be an expensive option.

Double Security Door

When you have a larger entryway to protect, it may be most practical to specify a double security door. Both doors can be movable, or one can be fixed while the other opens and closes. Today’s latches and locks can make a double door installation as secure as a single, so you don’t have to compromise on looks or access.

Security Screen 

A great option for almost any installation. Available in standard sizes or being able to be fabricated to custom dimensions for a perfect fit on doorways and windows. A security screen is very tough and resistant to intrusion – the protection offered by a modern security screen rivals that of traditional security doors built up from bar or sheet metal. The screen allows light and fresh air to come inside, making it a very good option for securing windows. One of the least obvious security doors, a security screen will blend in and look good with almost any design theme or décor. Optionally available in stainless material that will resist corrosion in marine locations and harsh environments. A security screen can also be one of the more economical protection solutions. U Blinds Australia is proud to offer the outstanding SecureForce® line of security doors and screens.


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