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Guide to Security Door Replacement

Security doors have become an increasingly popular solution for homeowners, as they serve as a critical barrier between homes and potential external threats. Over time, wear and tear can compromise the effectiveness of security doors, making a replacement necessary. Here is our guide to security door replacement, helping you understand when it needs replacing, why, and the process. We will also let you in on why U Blinds Australia are a leading supplier of top-notch security doors.

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Signs You Need a Security Door Replacement

Visible Damage

If your security screens are showing signs of visible damage, it may be time to reconsider whether your doors are doing their job. Not only does this impact the functionality of your security door, but it may make it look like an easier target due to its visible damage. Regularly check for dents, cracks, rust, or signs of forced entry.

Difficulty Opening & Closing

We’ve all experienced doors that don’t open or close with ease, and oftentimes, locking and unlocking them can be just as difficult. If you’re having trouble and needing to add force to have your security doors opening and closing, it’s time for a replacement. This means there are underlying issues with the doors frame, hinges, and/or locking mechanisms which jeopardise its security.

Worn Hardware

Looking at the handles, locks, and hinges, are they in good shape? If they feel loose, aren’t functioning properly, or look worn, you may want to consider replacing your door to ensure its security capacity is in tip top condition – after all, that’s the reason you invested in that specific type of door.

Screen Mesh Dislodging or Material Corroding

After some time, the mesh on your security screen can actually start to dislodge. Whether it’s from force or impact, or genuinely just from being used for many years, having security mesh that isn’t serving the correct purpose voids it’s use for, well, security. If your door doesn’t offer mesh, and the materials it’s made from are corroding, a security door replacement is definitely on the cards.

When it comes to a replacement, think of U Blinds Australia. Gone are the days of traditional security doors, as more inconspicuous, modern solutions hit the market. Our SecureForce range offers stylish security screens that complement any style of home, without standing out. They have also been designed to ensure a seamless fit to your doorframes and tracks, and are pre-treated, powder coated for maximum visual appeal (on the downlow). Our doors meet the Australian Security Door Standards, so trust we have what you need.


Feel at Ease with Security Doors by U Blinds Australia

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