Rustic Window Treatments: Completing the Rustic Look

The rustic look is popular amongst homeowners, characterised by its warm, lived-in feeling and earthy colours and textiles. If you’re thinking about creating the look for your home, you may be wondering what elements to include and how to tie it all together. To help, we’ve put together the key points of rustic design and the best rustic curtains to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere.

Elements of rustic design

Natural materials

Rustic design incorporates natural elements such as wood and metal, which is perfect for creating a cosy cabin feel in your home. Look for rustic decor items that showcase character, like old barn wood or distressed leather seating. Add extra rustic touches with cushions in plaid flannel, chunky blankets, heavyweight wood stools and rustic curtains.

Mix textures

Post-industrial spaces, which retain the charming details of a property’s industrial history, have a distinct look and a varied texture palette. You can create a similar effect in your home by mixing different materials and finishes, such as mixing brass and tin with wood which gives the room character without feeling too country.


Much like bohemian clothing style, the rustic look is all about layering – helping to create that homely, lived-in look. Think plenty of pillows, throw blankets, rugs and rustic window coverings. Layering gives the feeling of warmth and cosiness and works wonderfully well with pops of patterned textiles.

Rustic window treatments

Burlap fabric

Whether you’re looking for a classic stripe or a bold colour, burlap curtains were made for the rustic look. Their distinctive and textured cut and natural, earthy colours will bring sophistication and warmth to the room of your choosing. Pair with crisp white shades or provide privacy with one of our charcoal-hued options. No matter how you choose to incorporate them into your space, burlap fabric is a must-have for your rustic look.

Timber shutters

Timber shutters are an excellent option for achieving an elegant look in your rustic-inspired rooms. Perfect for covering large windows, the natural timber finish looks stunning when paired with weathered and distressed furniture. Wooden shutters have a certain warmth and homeliness, so it’s understandable why they’re a trendy choice as a window dressing for the rustic style.

Rustic curtains

The right rustic curtains for a farmhouse style room can make a big difference to the decor. They should be made from natural materials such as linen and cotton and filled with enough light so that the room doesn’t look dark and dreary. Neutral colours, including whites and greys, are best for this style that’s not too fussy or about being perfect – intricate patterns or busy prints aren’t ideal for rustic curtains.

Roman shades

Natural fibre rustic window blinds offer a great combination of beauty and practicality and work wonderfully with the rustic look. They’re ideal for the kitchen, living room and other areas in your home where there is humidity, as they can tolerate high temperatures. All fabric used in rustic window blinds is resistant to mould and mildew. These interior blinds come in various colours and textures, from plain natural fibre to those with an exciting design.


Interested to learn more?

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