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Types of Curtain Fabrics

Curtains have many purposes – they can be used for privacy and for keeping the light out of a room. But they are also an expression of the personality of the room they are in and the person who decorated it. So, it’s important that the right curtains and the right curtain material types are chosen. 

The many different types of curtain fabrics 

When considering curtain material types, you have many choices. At U Blinds Australia we sell awnings, curtains, blinds and shutters. We’re sure to have the kind of curtain fabric that you’re looking for. But where does one even begin when looking for the best type of fabric for curtains? To help people shopping for curtains we decided to put together this list of types of curtain fabrics and curtain lining materials. We hope you will find it useful. Let’s get started with some popular curtain fabric types. 

Cotton and linen 

Linen or cotton as fabric for curtains are versatile choices. You can go with tightly woven cotton curtains to block out a lot of sunlight, or a looser weave to let some light in. Linen is a very billowy fabric that lets in a lot of light and always looks great. There are a lot of different kinds of cotton and linen curtains, so as a fabric option cotton and linen are great places to start.  


Despite being a man-made fabric, there are people who insist that polyester is the best type of fabric for curtains. Polyester is sturdy, durable, and affordable. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily. This low maintenance curtain fabric option is a good choice for a set of curtains in your first home.  


Lace is an older material used for curtains, but it provides a timeless and historic quality to any room. Traditionally lace curtains have been made of white fabric, but modern lace curtains come in a variety of different colours. Because of the nature of lace, the curtains let in a lot more light than other curtains, so lace curtains are usually used as a second set of curtains behind something more substantial.  


Sheer curtains are light, airy, and beautiful. They are made from very thin fabric which allows a lot of light to shine through. They allow light in, but still provide a high degree of privacy. They are an excellent choice for a room that needs a lot of outside light, or for people who love the sunshine. 


Silk is the ultimate material for luxury. This fabric has been used by royalty for generations. Silk is a natural fabric, and it can be very heavy. But silk is also very durable and strong. The weight of silk makes it hang very nicely, so the pleats will maintain their shape no matter the condition. Silk is one of our favourite fabrics for curtains. 

Types of curtain lining 

That should give you an idea about the types of curtain fabrics. But what about the best types of curtain lining material? Here are some curtain lining options for you to choose from. 

Standard lining 

A standard curtain lining is usually made of polyester or cotton. The primary purpose of this lining is to prevent sun damage by reducing the amount of light that passes through the curtain fabric. But this curtain lining also improves the way the curtains hang, making them look nicer. 

Blackout curtain lining 

As the name implies, a blackout curtain lining blocks all sunlight from passing through the curtains. This is achieved by a special coating of the fabric the curtain lining is made of. Blackout curtain lining is a great choice for bedrooms to make it easier to sleep in late. 

Thermal lining 

Thermal curtain lining is more popular in colder climates, as they add an additional layer over a cold window to insulate from the cold. But a thermal lining can also keep the heat out. Thermal curtain linings are usually good at blocking light, so they almost function the same as Blackout curtain linings. 

Curtain interlinings 

A curtain interlining is like a lining for your curtain lining. An interlining goes between a lining and the curtain, making something like a curtain lining sandwich. This will give the curtain more body and a fuller look. Curtain interlinings are also good if the curtains and the linings are made of thin material. 

See the different fabrics for yourself 

We can write all day about the different types of curtain fabrics, but there is nothing like seeing them in person for yourself. That’s why you should come to your nearest U Blinds Australia showroom to check out our custom curtains. You can also make an appointment for a mobile showroom if one is available near you. Give us a call on 1300 303 391. We love to talk curtains, and we’d be happy to talk about curtains with you. 

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