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Do Security Doors Work?

If you are reading this article then you are probably considering getting a security door. But you are probably also asking yourself do security doors really work? That is a good question to be asking because it means that you are serious about home security. The topic of home security is an important one in this day and age, so we decided to write this article about security doors to help provide some insights.

So, do security doors work like you’d expect them to?

The answer to the question of do security doors really work is yes, they really do! We are U Blinds Australia. We deal in curtains and blinds, and we also deal in security doors. As the name implies, a security door’s main purpose is to provide security, and they do just that. But there’s more to modern security doors than just improved home security. The security doors of today also look great. Here are some things to keep in mind to get the most from your security door.

What do security doors look like?

When most people think of security doors, they often think of some unattractive metal door that looks more like it would be better purposed as a storm drain grate than as the entry to one’s home. But the security doors of today often look no different than a standard door. For example, a modern security door can be a hardened metal door covered in decorative wood. At a glance you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was a security door. Only upon closer examination would you see the beefier frame, overall ruggedness, and heavy-duty locks.

Only as good as the locks

Speaking of locks – a security door is really only as good as the locks that secure it. But there are a lot of options when it comes to locks. There are doors that have multiple deadbolts and there are keys that are duplication-proof. Some people even go for electric wireless keys or biometric keyless entry, such as fingerprint readers. There are many different kinds of locks out there, and we often recommend Lockwood Triple Locks. There’s definitely a locking setup that will meet the requirements for your desired level of security.

The best defence against intruders

How do security doors work when it comes to keeping your home safe? A security door works in multiple ways. First of all, it is extremely difficult to breach a hardened security door. A security door is tough and very difficult to get past without a key. But the first-line security benefit of a security door is acting as a deterrent. Being a burglar and braking into someone’s home is stressful work, so criminals go for the easy targets. A security door sends the message to any would-be home invader that this home is not an easy target, so stay away.

Leave the installation to the pros

While no security door is going to be 100% burglar proof having it installed by a professional a key aspect in ensuring its working as intended. Because of this, installing a security door is not a DIY project. When you close a security door, it should almost feel like closing a bank vault, and it should provide a similar level of protection. If the door is not fitted correctly there may be gaps that a home intruder could exploit to gain entry. The key thing to remember is let the pros install your security door so the installation is done right.

Do security doors work? Yes, they do!

There you have it. A security door is great, but make sure it’s installed correctly. U Blinds Australia is your source for SecureForce security doors. If you are considering purchasing home security doors, get in touch. You can contact us on 1300 303 391 to arrange a time to visit one of our showrooms. We look forward to hearing from you.

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