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Intelligent Blinds & Window Shades

With technology becoming more and more prominent in our lives, it is only natural that technology makes its way to our window coverings. We all have some form of window covering in our homes, whether it is blinds, curtains, or shutters. Recent years have seen the rise of intelligent blinds, such as the motorised blinds available at U Blinds Australia. Rather than needing to move these coverings by hand, they can be operated by a remote to ensure maximum convenience.

As technology becomes more advanced, what kinds of smart window coverings will we see in the future? This blog aims to ponder this question while focusing on where the market currently stands.

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The Current State of Intelligent Blinds

As mentioned above, window coverings that are operated by remote controls have become commonplace this century, often found at your local specialist like U Blinds Australia. While not everyone has these motorised blinds in their own home, most of us would have encountered them in someone else’s home or at a business.

Recently though, smart window coverings have arrived on the market and created a brand-new way for homeowners to interact with their coverings. Like any device that carries the smart branding, these smart blinds are operated by your phone. Simply install the blinds (or the motor to your pre-existing blinds) and connect the device to your smartphone. Once you have installed the related application you can then control the blinds through your phone, eliminating the need to even get up from the couch.


The Benefits of Smart Window Coverings

While some may scoff at the idea of these smart blinds, they do provide some unique benefits. The most obvious benefit of remote-control blinds is that they are easy to use for those who may be physically impaired, gifting those who struggle to move around the house the ability to control their window coverings at will. This makes it easier for them to control the amount of light and heat that comes into their home. This same benefit also applies to those who may find themselves bedridden as the result of an injury.

Another key benefit of installing motorised blinds is that they do not use a cord, which eliminates the danger of children and pets running into the dangling cord and creating a choking hazard. They are also good for the environment and for your bank account as they are energy efficient due to them allowing more heat and light into your home, reducing the reliance on lamps and heaters. The automated blinds we sell at U Blinds Australia even come with timers, allowing you to set your blinds so they open and close automatically at your desired times.


The Future of Intelligent Blinds

When thinking ahead to how technology can impact window coverings in the future, it is easy to imagine a world where voice-activated blinds are commonplace. We have seen these smart home systems in movies and while they have begun appearing in the market, they are a long way from being mass produced and adopted. But as more smart devices find their way into our daily lives, and with AI becoming capable of replicating more human feats with each passing day, a future where we talk to our window coverings suddenly doesn’t seem so farfetched.


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