Best Blinds for Bedrooms to Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly beneficial for our quality of life. It helps us remain active, gives us a clear mind, and supports brain function throughout the day. There are so many great qualities that good sleep provides for each and every one of us. At U Blinds, we have a range of exceptional blinds for sleeping, from light-blocking blinds to black-out blinds.

If you are someone who struggles to sleep due to disruptive lighting, we’ve put together a list of the best blinds for bedrooms so that you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

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Best Blinds for Bedrooms

At U Blinds we stock a variety of blinds that can be used specifically for blocking out and blacking out the light in your bedroom. If you struggle to go to sleep due to even the smallest interruption of light, U Blinds can provide the perfect blinds for you.

Roller Blinds

If you’re after a cost-effective way to improve your sleep, one of the best light blocking blinds we have on offer are our roller blinds and double roller blinds. Not only do they offer the option to completely block out and filter the light, but they allow for privacy control as well. These blinds are one of our strongest options on the market and will last for many years to come. They’re modern, simple, easy to install, and go with any décor.

Polymer and Timber Venetian

Our beautiful range of PVC Venetian blinds are some of our most popular choices for homeowners. Not only are they gorgeous blinds, but they are practical and block out a great amount of natural light. Our Venetians are some of the best light blocking blinds and offer you the utmost control over how much light actually enters your room. If you need the best blackout blinds for bedroom, our Venetians give you the opportunity to completely block out any type of light.

Roman Blinds

Need a blind that blocks out 100% of the exterior? Our range of Roman Blinds offers optimum light control and is guaranteed to block out 100% of the outside. Not only are they durable and fade resistant, but they also offer maximum privacy and protection from the sun throughout the day and from exterior views during the night.

Cellular Shades

Our Cellular Shades are an innovative solution for energy efficiency are some of the best blinds for sleeping. These blinds offer a multitude of benefits from being energy efficient, great for insulation, blocking noise along with the outside light. These shades come in a wide array of fabric options, including light filtering, sunscreen, and complete block out, giving you complete control over how much light you let into your home or room.


At U Blinds, we are passionate about stocking quality blinds that add the perfect touch of style and elegance to any home. If you’re struggling to sleep and desperate for a solution, we stock the best blinds for sleeping that are sure to make a difference in your world.


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